The SITL Foundation

  • Part of the intention in starting Holdco was that a significant amount of profits would be ploughed back into social justice initiatives.

  • In making use of SITL Legal clients indirectly contribute to worthwhile social justice initiatives.

  • However, charity begins at home and  the I61 Trust will be set up,  which will hold 20% of the shares in Holdco; the beneficiaries of the I61 Trust will inter alia be SITL employees.

  • SITL Legal’s social justice efforts are manifested through the auspices of the SITL Foundation which currently exists as a division of Holdco, and which may, in time, be spun off into a different entity as this may facilitate fund-raising initiatives should such be registered as a non-profit and a public benefit organisation in accordance with the applicable statutes.

  • The SITL Foundation currently supports the following initiatives:

    • MASIPHANE HAVENS AND PROJECTS: Masiphane is an NGO based in Johannesburg which operates several baby and children’s havens throughout the city; it has projects concentrating on uplifting and empowering homeless men and women, empowering them and assisting with job placements; it facilitates the adoption of babies that have been abandoned and through the years some 50 babies have been adopted through its auspices; Masiphane played a key role in assisting with the USA adoption of a baby referred to as Baby R in the media, and which case was heard in the Constitutional Court and recognised such overseas adoption to be in the best interests of the child.

    • OASIS SA: An NGO involved in several key projects in the Cosmo City area concentrating on education and healthcare; Shamrita served as director to this NGO from 2008 until February 2012, and continues supporting OASIS SA as a consultant to its business development projects.

    • APN: An NGO committed to fostering and facilitating peace initiatives in SA and Africa.


      • Given that lawyers are obliged to engage in a certain amount of pro-bono work, Shamrita leverages off this by partnering NGOs with law firms that can provide them with needed advice and legal support from time to time, for example she is currently assisting Masiphane with the registration of certain trademarks and is making use of the pro-bono services of a well-known IP law firm.

      • In her attempt to ensure that South Africa has a thriving civil society, she offers legal support in her individual capacity to certain NGOs; this support ranges from legal advice to corporate governance support; moving forward, she envisages creating a relationship with a network of law firms that will partner with different NGOs to provide these services on a pro-bono and a sustained basis. Thus far, and prior to the existence of SITL Legal even, she has been involved with NGOs focusing on children’s rights, refugee rights (especially around the 2008 xenophobic violence) and has assisted individuals in their private capacities (on a pro-bono basis) with inter alia maintenance assistance and labour law advice.

      • She is particularly looking forward to consulting to OASIS in a project to be launched within the next year which focuses on the development of sustainable community businesses in Cosmo City initially, it being envisaged that once these businesses are profitable, these owners will fund community business development initiatives in other communities in South Africa; this is true empowerment.

      • She is passionate about education and intends making financial contributions in this regard, as well as contributions to organisations supporting burn victims in SA.

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