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In and out of the process generally with pre-pressing or direct leaching of oil cake, embryo. The equipment is a set of continuous Vegetable Oil Solvent extraction equipment, the complete set of equipment from the leaching, wet cake baking dissolution, mixed oil treatment, solvent recovery of four components, mainly extractor, steam off, long tube evaporator, stacked Stripping tower, condenser and other equipment, and equipped with explosion-proof motor and workshop equipment connected to the pipeline and the required instruments, meters, valves and other pipeline accessories.

1-sunflower seeds oil expeller cold and hot pressing all in one

sunflower seeds oil expeller

According to the different raw material, we do use different technology and equipment, according to customers’ requirement or needs, you can choose pressing technology, pressing Solvent extraction technology or extruding Solvent extraction technology. With our suggestions ,you will find the most suitable technology and equipment here.

The pretreatment of sunflower seeds oil expeller

Before the material is pressed or solvent extracted, the material shall be processed, first, it shall be cleaned, a cleaning sieve is needed to remove the small, bigger sizes of impurities. The destoner is needed to remove the stones in the material, the magnetic machine is used to remove the small metals iron, and others. Then the material shall be crushed, soften, flaked, then cooked, all the processing is to make sure the oil in the material will be extracted out easily and thorough.

The pressing of sunflower seeds oil expeller

As for the high oil content material, such as, peanut, sesame, sunflower seed, coconut, castor seeds, we do use pressing Solvent extraction technology. There shall be some residual in the cake after the material is pressed, usually, the residual by using pressing technology is 6-8%,it is a waste of the oil if we do not extract it out, then we shall process the cake further by Solvent extraction, through which, the left oil will be extracted out. We have already designed pressers of different sizes, for different materials, customers can find the most suitable one easily here from our factory.

The extruding or stablilizing of sunflower seeds oil expeller

As for some low oil content material, such as rice bran ,soybean, we do use extruding Solvent extraction technology more, it will get rancid easily if the material especially the rice bran is not processed well. By using extruding or stablizing technology, it will prevent the material from getting rancid, at the same time, the structure of the material will change to a state which is most suitable to make the oil extracted out easily. We are the specialist in the design and manufacturing of different kinds of extruders.

The Solvent extraction of sunflower seeds oil expeller
The solvent oil extraction is the Ethiopia and the most effective technology to extract oil, as we have told in the above, after the pressing, there still shall be some oil residual in the cake, what we need to do is to extract the oil thorough from the cake, to use the oil material to the fullest. We do use some chemical solvent, hexane, which can separate the oil from the meal very easily in the shortest time. We do have rotocel extractor, toweline extractor and looping extractor, we do use different extractor for different capacity and material. And we design and manufacture theDTDC machine, which can ensure the good quality of the meal. For the negative pressure evaporation system and parraffin recycling system, we do also use different technology according to different requirements.

The refinery of sunflower seeds oil expeller
raction, we get the crude oil, the crude oil can not be eaten directly, it needs to be processed further, there are some bad matters which influence our human body, such as the gum, the fatty acid, the bad smell and the bad color, what we need to do is to remove the bad matters by using refinery technology. For the old technology, they do use chemical way to refine the oil, there is a great loss for the oil. We do choose to use either physical refining or physical and chemical combined technology, normally if the fatty acid value is less than 10%, we suggest using physical technology. Most of the time, we suggest using physical and chemical combined technology.

end products

The end product of sunflower seeds oil expeller

Packaging & Shipping

The shipping of sunflower seeds oil expeller

WorkGroup believe that whatever the field is, quality has always been at the heart of the company’s performance. We treat quality and service as a way of life and hope to serve you in the possible manner on a long term and mutually beneficial basis. If you want to know more information about our sunflower oil plant or any other seed processing plant, please contact us in the following form. Our responsible, experienced sunflower oil processing technical team is always ready to serve and guide you at any time.

All the other oil seeds pre-treatment and oil refining equipment, sheller, cleaning sieve, cooker, filter and others is available at WorkGroup. If you want to know to start a vegetable oil pressing line with oil press machine, please contact us, we will offer you the best plan.

1-Sunflower Seeds Oil Expeller Cold And Hot Pressing All In One
1-Sunflower Seeds Oil Expeller Cold And Hot Pressing All In One price
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