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10-200T/D edible oil Solvent extraction plantThe material of drum doby, drum cover and valve is high strength stainless steel, the Moc of other parts are all high quality, anti-corrosion SS304, the separator shell employ SS304.

Drive structure support use SKF bearing, by employing optimal design to reduce the height of the drum’s center of gravity. It can effectively lower the vibrational level of the whole separator, improve the reliability of the equipment and increase the stability of the separator.

In the dismounting and maintenance, the parts of drum can be hoisted integrally, thus make the dismounting of main lock ring more convenient, saving both time and labor, easy to install the drum.

The separator runs supercurrent, it will send warning signals and be stoped if the machine overload, to make the separator runs safely.

The separator has a less vibration and more stability through price dynamic balance of the drum.

The separator adopts separation factor technology. It can separate product that is hard to separate, meanwhile, the machine has light volume and use the small volume to get big capacity and high separation efficiency.

The separator adopts advance belt drive, improving the reliability and maintainability of the separator, and decreasing cost of spare parts.

The vegetable oil sunflower oil refined soybean oil filling machine is suitable for filling edible oil,olive oil,motor oil,lubricant,gear oil,engine oil,all kinds of flowing liquid and so on.the vegetable oil sunflower oil refined soybean oil filling machine can fill different shapes of bottle such as round,flat,square,etc.

Port:LDngdao, or the nearest port
Packaging Details: International Export Standards, usually wooden cases
Delivery Detail:45 days after order confirmation of oil Solvent extraction plant


edible oil Solvent extraction plant/etractor
1 high efficiency,low consumption,low cost
2 low oil residual in meal
3 ISO9001

10-200T/D Edible Oil Solvent extraction Equipment Features:

1.The etractor is driven by gear rack.

2.Unique balancing rotor is designed to ensure less power consumption, less maintenance cost and no noise

3.Rotation speed of shutter and host machine can be adjusted automatically according to incoming oilseed quantity to ensure that the bin level is stable.

4.This will do good to form micro negative-pressure in the etractor and reduce the leakage.
5.Process of miscella circulation is improved to reduce the solvent use, solvent residue in meal and increase the miscella concentration.

6. energy is saved through reducing the evaporation quantity.

7.Rotor etractor is very popular to many kinds of pre-pressed cake.

8.Rotating cell designed at the high bin level makes it easy to form immersion-etraction and thus reduce the meal fines content in miscella.

9.All this done will do good to improving the crude oil quality and reducing scaling in evaporation system.

10.Rotor Extraction is suitable for various oilseed extraction.

10-200T/D Edible Oil Solvent extraction Equipment Parameters:

Capacity 300T/D
Residual oil in meal 1%
Solvent consumption 2Kg/T (No.6 solvent oil)
Crude oil moisture and volatile matter 0.30%
Power consumption 15KWh/T
Steam consumption 280KG/T (0.8MPa)
Finished meal moisture 13% (adjustable)
Residual solvent in finished meal 300PPM (qualified detonated eperiment)

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3 The warranty period of 12 months; Our engineers in guiding workers how to operate the machine:

10-200T/D Edible Oil Solvent Extraction Plant
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