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10tpd rice bran oil desolventizer process equipment can process more than 50 kinds of oil plants, with high oil recovery, energy-efficient, full-auto production flow, small cover an area. It can hold 6-10kg materials each time and need 6-10 minutes to press the seed. The machine has advantages of fast speed oil made, and high quality oil. 10tpd rice bran oil desolventizer process equipment

rice bran oil desolventizer process equipment

Rice bran is the by product when producing fined rice. The oil yield of rice bran is around 15-20%, the ratio of oleic acid and inoleic acid is 1:1, in the modern nutrition opinion, it has the same nutritional value with the other grain oil, such as wheat germ oil, corn germ oil. At the same time, rice bran oil has many lipoids,such as vitamin E, oryzanol,sitosterol,and some other phytosterol, which can reduce the serum cholesterol and heart diseases.

The pretreatment of rice bran oil plant

There is some broken rice in the rice bran in the processing of making fine rice. Many rice bran oil factories use some old technology, by using which, they choose to extrude or press the rice bran after it is conditioned directly, without separating the broken rice and rice bran. It simplifies the technology, while many troubles will be caused in the Solvent extraction and refinery. At the same time,the broken rice will not be used to the fullest.

The Solvent extraction of rice bran oil plant

As long as the extruding technology and equipment grows and develop constantly, extruding Solvent extraction technology has been the trends of rice bran oil making. In this technology, we do use wet extruding, using a conditioner to adjust the temperature of material to be 95′ and the moisture to be 10%, then transport the conditioned material to the extruder to be extruded, till the temperature is around 105′,moisture is 12%. In the producing, we do use airflow conveyor to cool and dry the material in the conveying, which can ensure the required temperature and moisture of the material for Solvent extraction process, at the same time, it can prevent the extruded rice bran granule from being granulated.

The refinery and dewaxing of rice bran oil plant

Because the fatty in the rice bran can be resolved easily under the lipoytic enzyme,generally, the acid value of the extracted crude rice bran oil is over 20mg KOH/g, if you use the normal chemical neutralizing way to deacid., the loss of neutralized oil shall be very large, besides, there is loss in the other procedure and also dewaxing, then you can only get 50% around from the crude oil. We do use refinery which combines the chemical way and physical way, which can not only get high quality required refined oil, but also reduce the loss in the processing.

Packaging & Shipping

The shipping of rice bran oil plant

our services

The services of rice bran oil plant

1. Arrange our people to help with the installation, debugging, training.

2. We will maintain or change the machine free charge, if there is any quality problem, we will bear all the fees.

3. We will supply you with the abrased spare parts at cost price after been used one more year, we will maintain it free charge if technical damage happens.

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WorkGroup is a large-sized joint-equity enterprise which specialize in producing edible oil mechanical equipment and it is also a group enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing, sales as one. Research Institute of Machine Design Company,University of technology school-enterprise cooperation in the oil equipment to carry out long-term, protein extraction, phospholipid extraction, etc. R & D and application of new technologies.

Our company have set up Mechanical Design and Research institution,oil press machine department ,large-sized complete oil equipment department,International trade department,production department.Our business involve in small-sized oil pressing series,Grain and oil engineering designing,equipment manufacturing and installing, project contracting,technical service ,new product development,the intensive and deep processing for oil by-products and so on.

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10Tpd Rice Bran Oil Desolventizer Process Equipment
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