Product Description

1TPH-100TPH palm fresh bunch press machine/palm oil production line can process more than 50 kinds of oil plants, with high oil recovery, energy-efficient, full-auto production flow, small cover an area. 1TPH-100TPH palm fresh bunch press machine/palm oil production line can hold 6-10kg materials each time and need 6-10 minutes to press the seed. The machine has advantages of fast speed oil made, and high quality oil.

1TPH-100TPH palm fresh bunch press machine/palm oil production lineadopt new technology, after 3 times technology improvement, it can used for processing more 50 kinds of seeds,such as tea seed, cotton seed, sunflower seed, sesame, olive, castor seed, rapeseed,walnut, perilla seed and so on. During processing, the temperature is between 15 and 23 degree, it will not damage the nutrition value of the seed

Production Introduce

1TPH-100TPH palm fresh bunch press machine/

palm oil production line

Craft flow:

1.palm fruit/bunch ‘ sterilization ‘ threshing ‘ digesting ‘ clarification ‘ purification ‘dring ‘> >CPO’ refining ‘ bleaching ‘ deodorizing ‘RBD palm oil ‘ crystallization ‘ fractionation ‘> RBD olein & RBD stearin
2.palm kernel ‘depericarper ‘ crushing ‘ pressing ‘ >CPKO ‘ refining ‘ >RBDPK oil, RBDPK olein & RBDPK stearin

Process Description

1.FFB Reception System

1.1 Use truck to transport the ripe and fresh palm fruits from fruit ranch, weigh up them by platform scale and record, and then pour them into the discharging table.
1.2 Start control valve to open the discharging table, then fruit drop in the fruit basket car freely.
1.3 Drag the fruit basket car which loaded with fresh palm fruits to the downward of the bridge crane by power cable tray and cable tray, then use bridge crane to sling the fruit basket car to the track lead to sterilizer sterilizing tank.

2. Sterilizer System

2.1 After drag the fruit basket car into the sterilizer sterilizing tank, close the sterilizer sterilizing tank and open the vent valve below it. Then inlet saturated vapor, close the vent valve after the cold air in the tank was excluded generally, and enter into the period of steaming and sterilizing.
2.2 Close the inlet valve after the sterilizing process. Drain out the water and vapor in tank, then you can open the door of the sterilizer sterilizing tank.
2.3 Drag the cooked fruit basket car to the downward of the beige crane.

3.Threshing System

3.1 Pour the sterilized fruit in the fruit basket car into the unloading equipment.
3.2 Feed the fruit regularly into the fruit-separating machine to separate.
3.3 After twisting and beating in the fruit-separating machine, the fruits will fall off entirely.

4. Pressing system

4.1 Palm fruit was transported to crasher by elevator.
4.2 Fruit was heated in crasher.
4.3 After sterilizing, the broken palm fruit flow into the palm oil press machine to pressing. Oil and water mixture outflow from pressing chamber shell hole, in the same time, the fiber cake and core was discharged from bonehead clearance and then drop in the packing anger of broken cake.

5.Clarification System

5.1 Use vibrated sifting filter to remove residues fiber in the crude palm oil, then the oil enter into the passivating tank.
5.2 There are indirect and direct steam in the passivating tank. After passivation, palm oil and water mixture are banished to the high-order position tank and then flow into the clarification tank.
5.3 Clarified oil flow into the oil tank, use disc separator to remove water in oil and then use plate heat exchanger to eliminate the residual water completely.
5.4 After vacuum drying, the oil flow into net oil tank and then feed into the final-product oil tank directly.

6.Kernel Recovery System

6.1 Fiber cake was dropped into packing auger, use interrupted blade to break up the palm cake, evaporate the palm cake constantly during the transportation, and the enter into the fiber and core separation machine. Use induced draft system which compose of draught fan and wind net to transport fiber to boiler room to burn. Palm core of large proportion drops into the bucket elevator from the other side of the fiber and core separating machine and then to transport to the core charging bucket to dry.
6.2 Open the discharging hole which is at the bottom of the core chafing bucket, then palm core drop into husking machine to husk.
6.3 Use shell kernel separator to separate the shell and kernel mixture after husking.
6.4 Kernel are charged into kernel-holding tank and shell are transported to boiler room to burn.

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