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Advanced TechnolpLD Soybean Oil Solvent extraction Machine in Ghana Brazil Indonesia

Soybean Pretreatment Plant Technical Index

1.Soybean material index

1.1 Smell,colour:normal

1.2 Water content:13%

1.3 Impurity content:1.5%

1.4 Oil content:18~22%

2.Main consumption index

2.1 Electricity:35.5 kwh/t 2.2 Steam: 240 kwh/t 3.Soybean flakes quality index

3.1 Thickness: 0.3mm

3.2 Water content: 5~7%

4.Pretreatment craft flow:

soybean’cleaning’de-stoning’crushing’conditioning’flaking’drying’go to extraction workshop highlights:
1 Mechanized and continuous, reduce human labor and reduce labor costs.
2 More advanced dust removal system, ensure workshop clean, reduce dust emission at the same time
3 All the transmission equipments adopt special configuration, reliable operation and long lifetime. Soybean Oil Extraction Plant Technical Index

1. Material index

1.1 Water content: 5~7%

1.2 Impurity content:0.1%

1.3 Oil content:18~22%

1.4 Fines content:5%

2. Main consumption index

2.1Electricity:25.0KWH/t 2.2 Steam:300 Kg/t (environment temperature:20′,1Mpa saturated vapor)

2.3 Solvent: 3.5KG/t (vegetable oil extraction solvent(GB 16629-2008))

2.4 Recycled water:200 Kg/t 3. Product quality index

3.1 Cake

3.1.1 Residual oil: 1.0%

3.1.2 Water content:12-13%(adjustable)

3.1.3 Residual solvent:500PPM

3.3.2 Crude oil

3.2.1Total volatile matter : 0.2%

3.2.2 Residual solvent:100PPM

4. Soybean extraction workshop craft description

solvent collection evaporation and stripping Soybean flakes’oil extraction’mixed oil’crude oil solvent collection’wet cake desolventizing’finished cake highlights:

1.Mixed oil adopts two levels process in removing impurity, dense mixed oil firstly into primary rotary liquid separator to remove larger particles, and then enter the secondary rotary liquid separator to remove impurity. After rotating liquid separation, the mixed oil nearly without solid impurities. After separation, the cleanermixed oil into the mixture oil staging tank for further precipitation, the bottom sediment of the mixing tank back into the extractor regularly by slag pump. Two process filter of the mixed oil and the use of negative pressure evaporation process, greatly reduce fouling in evaporation system, and evaporation system cleaning cycle can be extended.

2. Adopting micro negative pressure process, save steam and reduce energy consumption. 3.The secondary steam in the condensed water tank can be used for waste water preheating, reduce the steam consumption.

4.Collectign all the steam in the extraction workshop and pump into the boiler room for secondary use, effective utilize the waste heat, saving workshop production water.

Soybean Oil Refinery Plant Technical Index

1. Finished oil quality index

1.1 Lovibond dispoable cuvettes (133.4mm): yellow 20 red2.0 1.2 Smell, taste:well

1.3 Moisture and volatile matter(%): 0.05

1.4 Peroxide value (mmol/kg): 5.0

1.5 Smoke point (‘): 215 1.6 Residual solvent content (mg/g) : not detectable

1.7 Transparency: clear, transparent

1.8 Acid value(KOH)/(mg/g): 0.20

2 Main economic indicators

2.1 Electricity: 31.1 kwh/t 2.2 Steam: 220 kwh/t 2.3 Water consumption:0.2t/t 3 Soybean oil refinery plant craft description

Phosphoric acid, alkali and hot water vacuum

Crude oil’dephosphorization,degumming,washing’dry dehydration, de-color’filtering

bleaching clay waste bleaching clay

deodorization’refined oil

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Yes, we can find running factory for you to visit! Welcome for your coming!


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Advanced Technolpsoybean Oil Solvent Extraction Machine In Ghana Brazil Zimbabwe
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