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Automatic mustard oil machine Tape A and Tape B:

A type of mustard oil machine :

B type of mustard oil machine :

4. Technical parameters of our automatic mustard oil machine

Automatic mustard oil machine

Model 6yl-80 6yl-100 6yl-120 6yl-130 6yl-160

Speed of

press screw

30-45r/min 30-40r/min 30-40r/min 28-40r/min 28-40r/min

Boundary demension


1700?1250?1650 1950?1300?1900 2050?1350?2000 2200?1600?2150 2500?1600?2500
Handing capacity 80-150kg/h 150-250kg/h 200-300kg/h 250-400kg/h 400-600kg/h
Main engine Y160L-6-5.5kw Y160M-6-7.5kw Y160L-6-511kw Y180L-6-15kw Y200L-6-18.5kw
Vacuum pump Y90S-4-0.55kw Y90S-4-1.1kw Y100L1-4-1.5kw Y100L1-4-2.2kw Y100L1-4-2.2kw
Heater 2KW 3KW 3.3KW 3.8KW 4KW

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5. How to operate our automatic mustard oil machine 1. Prepare the seeds;

2. Adjust the automatic mustard oil machine, such as electricity, heating (optional);

3. Start the automatic soybean oil mill, putting seeds into the feeder;

4. Seed into the automatic mustard oil machine, begin to press

5. The crude oil comes out of the squeezing bolt, then flow into the board, 6. Go into the vacuum filter, using it for filtration

7. After filtration, the oil comes out from the bottom of pipe

6. Our automatic mustard oil machine and oil product line Except automatic mustard oil machine ,our factory can supply a whole oil product line to you, such as cleaning machine flaking roll,cooking machine,hoiser,refining machine and bottling line and so on. You just need prepare the mustard material ,we will do well all other things for you.

7. The advantages of automatic mustard oil machine 1. energy Saving: The electric power can be reduced by 40% under the same output. For example, the machine can save 6 kilowatt at an average of one hour.

2. Labor Saving: 60% labor can be saved under the same output. One or two person can organize the production.

3. Widely Usage: The automatic mustard oil machine is multi-function. It can process more than 20 kinds of oil crops, such as, peanut, linseed, sesame, rapeseeds, sunflower, cottonseeds, soybean, etc.

4. Oil Pure: Vaccum filter can filter the residue and ensure the oil quality. The oil can meet the standard of health quarantine.

8. After sales service 1. After we received buyer normal notification, within 24 hours, our factory supply maintenance solution.

2. Guide buyer how to operate automatic mustard oil machine, maintenance technology and skill train.
3. Supply new technology, new process, communicate information and consultation service.
If you have any question, pls feel free to contact with us at any time


9. Many customers bought our automatic mustard oil machine

10. About our factory

WorkGroup is a large-sized joint-equity enterprise which specialize in producing edible oil mechanical equipment and it is also a group enterprise integrating scientific research,manufacturing,sales as one. Our business involve in automatic mustard oil machine, automatic soybean oil mill, automatic oil press machine, small sized oil pressing series,screw oil expeller series,grain and oil engineering designing,equipment manufacturing and installing,project contracing,technical service,new product developemt,the intensive and deep processing for oil by products and so on.

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