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Our Company suitable for cold and hot pressing, adopts theprinciple of multi-stage gradual compression to increase the pressure in the barrel quickly and thus maximizing the oil output. Oil output rate is greatly improved for its unique design of the oil guide groove in the barrel. It helps separate oil and cake rapidly to avoid oil absorbed by dry meals.

The Mozambique oil press made by WorkGrouphas many advantages: easy to operate, high oil press rate, rare to replace wearing parts, so this oil press is the most advanced equipment which can replace of the manual operation of the sesame oil. This machine can press at least 2 to 7 kilogram per batch, the time is about 4 to 6 minutes, so it is very suitable for the citizens who live in the big and medium cities because they want get the high quality of oil of spending money. It is also can be used in the countryside, because the speed of oil pressing is fast so people can bring their oil raw material to press oil. In this way, they can be assured of the purity of their oil.

automatic coconut oil press machine for sale

introduction :

Before solvent extraction, it need different mechanical pretreatment which includes cleaning, shelling, flaking, cooking as follows:

Cotton seed→Metering’Winnowing→Husking’Flaking’cook’Pressing’Cake to solvent extraction workshop and Crude oil to refining workshop

Cleaning of automatic coconut oil press

Shelling of almond oil production line :

The equipment is comprised of ftransmission mechanismeeding apparatus,magnetic separation,crushing,Roller spacing adjusting ,engine base.

The machine has large capacity ,small floor space,lower power consumption,easy to operate,High shelling efficiency.roller shelling is no less than 95%.

Kernel husk separator of automatic coconut oil press : It is mixture after shelling of cotton seed. The mixture includes full oil seed without any crushing,seed shelled and husk,all the mixture must be separated. Technically, the mixture must be divided into kernel, husk and seed kernel will go to the process of softening or flaking section. Hush will go to storeroom or package.The seed will go back to shelling machine.

Flaking of automatic coconut oil press :

Flaking means a certainty granularity of soy lamella was prepared for flaked of about 0.3 mm, the oil of raw material can be extracted in the shortest time and maximum, and residual oil was less than 1%. Cooking of almond oil production line :

This process is heating and cooking for rapeseed which is easy to separate of oil and can provide the oil quantity from prepress machine.It is easy to operate and have long life.

Oil pressing of automatic coconut oil press

Company Information

Welcome toChemical Engineering Equipment

> Professional manufacturer of edible oil production line equipment.

> Our commitment to quality.

Our workshops

our services

1. Company strength : a. More than 35 years manufacturing experience. b. More than 30% of the 200 personnel are professionals. c. ISO 9001, CE Certification d. Turnkey products and overseas service

2. Business scope: a. Oil seeds press production line: 10-1000 t/d. b. Vegetable cooking oil extraction production line: 10-1500 t/d. c. Edible oil refinery production line: 1-800 t/d

3. Oil seeds our machine can process: Sunflower seeds, cotton seeds, soybean, rapeseed, castor, peanut, palm, corn, rice bran, canola, coconut etc.

4. Commitment:

1.Product quality assurance: Products from the quality of raw materials, production, process design, parts processing, production processes, quality control, assembly quality inspection, all-round quality management to ensure that the factory pass rate of 100%.

2. Manufacturers supply spare parts : Long-term provision of spare parts according to the factory ,the company has specialized accessories Sales Department ,through a variety of channels of logistics and the post office ,timely and accurate will you need accessories delivered to you.

3. Provide support: Company technical personnel arrangements free on-site installation and commissioning of the machine, Provide technical training and free, Allows you to easily get started.

LYZX32 screw oil press is large-size continuous oil press equipment ,it has passed the QS authentication of ISO9001-2000,the machine suits cotton seed,rapeseed,castor seed,sunflower seed,peanuts and high oil content materials.It has the advantage that large capacity,low power consumption, low cost for operate,also the cake is loose but not smash,easy to permeate solvent ,low residual oil.It is a ideal oil press equipment .

Packaging & Shipping

Packing : Packed by the protect film inner, water-repellent plastic outside. The wood packing is necessary if send by less than a container. it will fixed by steel rope in the container. Make sure it is in good condition when arrived destination.

Shipping : 30 days after receiving your L/C or deposit

After-Sales Service

We can supply the engieer to go to the customes’ country to guide worker to install equipment. Of course ,if you need we can also let our worker go to your country to install the equipment,we will meet all your demand.

Automatic Coconut Oil Press Machine For Sale
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