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Deacidification of palm oil refining machine :This part adopt alkali refining method, that is use alkalis (NaOH) to neutral the free fatty acid in oil, during this process it will produce soapstock, then separated from the oil by setting several hours. NAOH solution, not only neutral free fatty acid, also can act with other matters protein, mucus, phospholipid, pigment. After settling, release the soapstock from the tank bottom. Adding hot water to rinse, remove off the leftover lye, soap and some unhydrated phospholipid in the oil. Finally pumping out soapstock from the tank bottom.

Deodorization and Dehydration of palm oil refining machine :Usually ,there are some odors in the crude oil, it affects the quality of the edible oil . About our refining process, we usually use the direct steam to take odors away in the vacuum condition . General speaking there is about 0.5% water in the alkali refined oil, in the deodorization pot, thetemperature is very high, it also can finish the dehydration section.

Raw Materials


Oil content: 18-22%
Bulk density: 0.68 t/m3
Moisture content: Maximum 14%, but dried to 11%
Impurities: Maximum 2%
Hull content: 7-8%
Split/broken beans: Maximum 20%
Temperature: Minimum 15?oC (59°F)

Flow Diagram Soybean Processing

1 Cleaning Section

To Remove the solid impurity from raw materials; ( stick,stone,leaf etc)

The cleaning is the removal of tramp metal by means of a rotary type magnet separator. This is followed by screening sieve in which the first on-stream cleaner should be provided with a rough scalping screen or perforated metal sheet to separate oversize trash and below that a second sieve to get rid of the sand. To separate light-weight particles, mainly hulls and dust, the second sieve must also be provided with an aspiration channel. After that, the dry destoner is used to remove the mud. As an average one can estimate 1% impurities will be obtained in this cleaning section

2 Crushing Section

To crush the soybean into 4-8particles and rupture the oil cell to improve the oil yield. it will be convenient for further flaking;

The process is the size reduction of the seed. This is effected by cracking rolls.Cracking rolls comprise an integral feeder with a permanent magnet and two pairs of corrugated rolls arranged one on top of the other so that the first set of rolls feeds the second set. In the case of soybeans, the seed is cracked to 1/4 to 1/3 of bean size. The granulation of the crushed seeds is checked on a 2.25 mm screen. The retained portion should be about 75% of the original sample. The granulation after cracking affects flake size, which in turn impacts product volume inside the extractor.

3 Softening

adjusting the raw materials moisture and temperature in order to change hardness and plasticity,which is good for further processing ( flaking);

vertical stack cooker is installed for this purpose. By the injection of live team into this type of machine. it is possible to adjust the moisture content of the conditioned seed. At this point the seed should be at a temperature of about 50-60°C (122-140°F) and a moisture content of 11%

4 Flaking

Using double flaking roller to make the crushed soybean into flakes. It will further rupture oil cell and shorten the oil extraction distance for following solvent extraction

By deforming seed particles into flakes, press and shear forces are created, which will rupture the seed’s oil cells, making them more available to the extraction process. Flake thickness may vary between 0.25 and 0.3 mm

5 Drying

adjusting the raw materials moisture and temperature in order to control the moisture and temperature for following solvent extraction.

The moisture is round 6%-7%; the temperature is round 50-55′

6 Dust Collecting system

Using dust collecting cyclone system to collect the dust during production. It guarantee the workshop and air is clean.

company Introduction

Company Profile

WorkGroup, which is in Ghana in Edible Oil Extraction and Refinery.with more than 60 years an ISO9001 approved company in Pakistan providing Turnkey Solution of solvent extraction plant,oil mill plant,edible oil refinery plant,oil seed processing plant etc,

Main Projects Scope:

—–30-5000T/D oilseeds pretreatment project

—–30-5000T/D oilseeds extraction project

—–10-1000T/D crude oil refining project

—–10-1000T/D crude oil fractionation project

—–5TPH-100TPH FFB Mill and CPKO Plant

—–Oilseeds protein, phospholipid project

—–Natural pigment extraction project

—–Grain Seed Flour processing project


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