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He nan province Rwanda sunflower rapeseed oil machine during the process of Oilseed pretreatment, a series of seed processing equipment are necessary, such as cleaning sieve, crusher, dehuller, flaker, cooker, screw extruder, dryer and oil presses. Some seeds require additional preparation beyond cleaning. Soybeans, for example, are de-hulled, heated, cracked or flaked, and sometimes extruded before entering the press. Equipment used for these types of operations can generally be obtained from most press manufacturers. A producer should identify the oilseeds they need to process in order to determine exactly what equipment will be needed. WorkGroup can always meet your cleaning and pretreatment needs!

All the seed processing equipment are designed to adjust to the different oil seeds and the client exact requirements.we have rich experience of manufacturing and exporting large selection of various seed processing machine and equipment for different using purposes and our clients are very satisfied with our seed processing equipment. We give the best service and we offer the most competitive prices in seed processing filed.

Sunflower oil great value:

1.contains folic acid, which helps the body manufacture new cells.

2.contains zinc. Zinc is great because it helps maintain a healthy immune system which helps in the healing of wounds.

3.lower cardiovascular diseases and the chance of heart attack.

5. helps keep cholesterol levels low

6.prevent cancers such as uterine, lung and skin

7.contains vitamin B which is good for a healthy nervous system

8.prevent rheumatoid arthritis

9.The vitamin E in sunflower oil is a moisturizer and helps cells retain water

11. incorporate selenium into your diet. By having higher levels of selenium in your blood, you reduce the risk of lung and skin cancers

12.Prevents Asthma and Colon Cancer

13.neutralizes cancer causing free radicals

The pretreatment process of making sunflower oil:

(The sunflower seed oil yield > 25%. So it is better to pre-press first. And then send the raw embryos to the extractor.) Raw material→cleaning screen→stone separator→sheller→flaker→cooker→pre-press→crude oil The press oil has good natural flavor and smell,and color with the high purity. People can eat directly.

Refined oil quality index:

1,moisture and volatile matter(%):0.05

2,insoluble impurity(%) :0.05 3,acid value(mg/g) :0.20

4,peroxide value(mmol/kg) :5

5,residual solvent content in oil: 0.01

6,no smell ,good taste

7,smoking point:215 degree

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CE certification (safe certification) and BV certification.(quality certification)

CE ( conformity with European (demand)), safe certification in algeriaan Union. We promise our equipment is fully safe in production.

BV means : Bureau Veritas . The most prestigious quality certification organizations. We promise we will provide high quality equipment.

Our machines advantages:

1,some of our technology adopts Germany standard, and some equipment parts are imported.

2,our stainless steel and carbon steel are all purchased directly from the steel factory.our professional engineer will detect every we can guarantee the quality.

3,all of our welding technicians have the employment certificates.they are good at it.

4,we provide installation and professional training.

5,we supply theservice to our customer,if there is any technology problem,we will transfer it to our customer.

Our Warm Professional Advice:

If you our products,please kindly tell us your requirements,includes raw material name ,your processing capacity per day,material supplied ability per day, have the production plant or not and related data, then we can efficiently make a cost-effective plan for you, if you can provide us the more specific information, we can calculate the cost and profit for you. Your trust and support are our large success.

He Nan Province Bangladesh Refined Sunflower Rapeseed Oil Machine
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