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Our Company produce complete sets of equipment, oil extraction, processing capacity of up to 15 tons day -1 000 tons, based on years of production experience in the technical parameters have been improved, and the country has been updated compared to the same industry, more advanced process, by majority users.

High fame Sesame Milling Machine

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We are the professional factory in the oil machine. we not only produce the press oil machine,but also produce the extraction oil machine,refining oil machine.We have set up the company for more than 10 years,and we have the high fame in our industry,so if you are interested in our products or you have the size and type,by the way,we can also produce the products that you are interested in one.
High fame Sesame Milling Machine High fame Sesame Milling Machine

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Our press machine have reasonable pressure to ensure the oil extraction rate,match up the hot break juicing ,carefully clean,broken,soften,squeeze,cooking and so on,make the oil have the high of quality.

Our product have passed the authentication by ISO9001:2008 ,if you need, we can also other detection.

About the product size,we can produce any size according the customers’ demand.

Cleaning: Improve the oil yield,improve the oil color,reduce the deposit,improve the oil cake quality and improve the produce the environment.

Soften:Control the water and the temperture, making the material have the suitable the elastic-plastic to improve the oil yield. High fame Sesame Milling Machine Extraction:

The extraction is the process that oil by solvent from plants seed .Extraction is that making the solvent molecules penetrate into fuel oil form mixture (mixture) of a solution, then making mix the oil with solid residues (cake) separation,recycling the solvent the using the boiling point of different oil for evaporation. Finally the refining oil flue from the stripping tower.


Deacidification Sodium hydroxide antagonize free fatty acids, and subside phospholipids, to remove the insoluble impurities, the after the separation of soapstock, neutral oil was washed in soft water, last drying in vacuum. Decoloration oil pigments in two categories: one is the natural pigment, such as the carotenoids lutein materials such as chlorophLDl, these are easy to bleach, and the other type of the products of organic matter, these pigments are not easy to be bleached. Dewaxing can ensure the colour of oil to be clear bright at room temperature and frozen temperature to reduce the oil in the wax content to 10 parts per million to get crystal clear oil. Deodorization Using high temperature and high vacuum steam stripping method deodorization temperature commonly 180, vacuum degree 9.3 104 Pa can achieve ideal results.

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Xinxianght Chemical engineering equipment co,. Ltd is mainly focused on all kinds of pressure vessel and machine manufacturing .It is established in 1978 and has much rich experience in this field . .And ourseller is peanut oil machine .We produce the complete oil production line ,and sell to all the world ,such America, Middle east ,Africa ,Europe etc.

WorkGroup believe that whatever the field is, quality has always been at the heart of the company’s performance. We treat quality and service as a way of life and hope to serve you in the possible manner on a long term and mutually beneficial basis. If you want to know more information about our sunflower oil plant or any other seed processing plant, please contact us in the following form. Our responsible, experienced sunflower oil processing technical team is always ready to serve and guide you at any time.

All the other oil seeds pre-treatment and oil refining equipment, sheller, cleaning sieve, cooker, filter and others is available at WorkGroup. If you want to know to start a vegetable oil pressing line with oil press machine, please contact us, we will offer you the best plan.

High Fame Sesame Milling Machine
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