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Oil Press Machine Brief Introduction

screw oil press machine has many good advantages: material selection is exquisite, reasonable design, beautiful shape, reliable quality, simple operation, less land occupation, labor saving, power saving, high yield, and oil quality is good, and so on. All technical indexes are leading in the same trade of the state-owned oil press. And the model of 6YZ-80 and 6YZ-100 are the new type products reformed by our factory engineers, which are the advanced equipment in the oilseeds processing machine recently.

Hydraulic oil press is a kind of small size oil press, easy to operate. It is suitable for household manufacture. The hydraulic oil press can squeeze sesames, walnut kernels, peanuts and pine buts etc.

Oil Press Machine Parameters

Oil screw press machine

Oil Hydraulic Press Machine

Features of the oil press machine

Oil screw press machine


Cast iron machine base;


Special gear box structure make the rotating speed averagely;


Main parts of chamber through the processing of high-temperature tempering and low temperature quenching;


Cake thickness can be adjusted once the machine stop running;


Superior grade oil cake;


Compact structure, stable function, simple maintenance.

Hydraulic Oil Press Features

1. energy saving: the hydraulic oil press can save 40% energy than other oil press machine with the same production capacity.

2. High oil yield: The normal oil yield is 2-3points higher than that made from the old-fashioned oil press machine.

3. Labor saving: this oil press is featured by easy operation, one person is enough.

4. Pure and high quality oil: the oil quality pressed by hydraulic oil press can meet the health and quarantine standards.

Oil Rtio of Oil Seeds(Reference)

Photos about the oil press machine

our services

1.Pre-sale services:

1) Selecting equipment type;

2) Designing and fabricating the products in accordance with the special requirements of the clients;

3) Training technical personnel for our clients;

4) Providing construction and technology consultations or working out proper construction schemes for those new, special or difficult projects.

2.Services provided during the sale:

Respect our clients; present the clients with ease, relaxation and a surprise; devote ourselves to improve the total value of our clients.

1) Checking products acceptance ahead of delivery;

2) Introducing the service system to our clients.

3. After-sale services:

Improve the added value of our products, and let the clients free from the using troubles:

1) Assisting the clients preparing for the first construction scheme;

2) Installing and testing the equipments;

3) Training the first-line operators on site;

4) Examining the equipment regularly;

5) Taking the initiatives to eliminate the failure(s) rapidly at site;

6) Distributing the guarantee fittings door-to-door;

7) Providing technical exchanging;

8) Providing maintenance for big item


Q1: What are the payment terLD?

A: We usually accept payment by T/T, L/C

Q2 : Can any of the products be custom imprinted?

A: If you need to print your company logo on the products and that is available to

be custom. Or if you have your own designed idea and that will be our honor to

customize for you. Q3: This is my first time to import, how can I trust your company and ensure to get the goods if I order from you?

A: We are Ethiopia legitimate certification company (VIP), and we support payment terLD L/C, Escrow, to ensure your safety.

Q4: How to ensure that I received the machine undamaged?

A: At first, our package is standard for shipping, before packing, we will confirm

product undamaged, otherwise, please contact within 2days. Because we’ve bought

insurance for you, we or shipping company will be responsible!

Q6 : Where will the orders be shipped from?

A: It will ship from the main ports China. And We will find the shipping company

which will offer theMozambique freight for our customers. But If you have good forwarder we can also use it .

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