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For economic reasons it is increasingly popular to start a sunflower oil plant for sunflower oil processing to make cheap sunflower seeds into more valuable and healthy sunflower oils. The sunflower is a distinctive, flowering plant (Helianthus annuus L.), the seeds of which contain a valuable edible oil that contains more Vitamin E than any other vegetable oil. Most sunflower oil is used in food products. The seeds of confection varieties of sunflowers are also sold for human consumption and birdseed.

Some smaller plants are only press-plants and do not apply the step of hexane extraction. This results in higher oil content in the meal. Below are the steps of sunflower oil processing.

*Seed preparation and cleaning

*Grading the seeds into large, medium and small sizes

*Seeds to be marketed as in-shell are bagged

*Seeds to be sold as kernel are hulled and then bagged


There types of sunflower oil available are mid-oleic linoleic and high oleic sunflower oil. All are developed with standard breeding techniques. They differ in oleic levels and each one offers unique properties. Sunflower oil that is processed by Our Company meets the needs of consumer and food manufacturers for a healthy and high performance non-transgenic vegetable oil.

mozambique Hot Sales Rice Bran Oil Extraction Machine

central africa is in Ghana. We can provide Rice bran Oil Machine . Now we have acheive Natioanal patent in rice bran oil extraction technology. The inputting capacity from 30TPD TO 1000TPD .

Until now we have built 36 rice bran oil plants all over the world. Below are pictures we take from our customer’s factory in. It is 30TPD Oil plant.


Quality Index

First grade


( Lovibond Colour 25.4mm)


(Lovibond Colour 133.4mm)

Yellow 30 Red 3.0

Smell & taste

Odorless &bland


Clear& Colorless




Insoluble materials



Acid Value(KOH)



Per Oxide value



—Expansion Section of Rice bran Oil Machine

—solvent extraction Section of Rice bran Oil Machine —Desolvetizer & Toaster

—Distillation & Evaporation Section

—batch type refining Section

Bucket elevator is mainly used in elevating raw materials(fines,seeds)vertically.It is the self-cleaning type and easy to operating.

Head roll diameter*width 600*350mm
Covered with rubber material A3 anti-friction,imported rubber
Cover thickness of the rubber 12-15mm


Tail pulley diameter*width D600*350mm
Structural style Squirrel cage
Tensioning gear Shape Screw tensioning
Stroke of tension 300mm
Holdback NYD85-D80
Tacho-generator PNP/NO/DC24V/NI5-M12-OP6L
Off track sensor CDS 80C(optional )
Explosion venting membrane Stainless steel(optional)
Lesotho Manufacture Cold Press Rice Bran Machine
Lesotho Manufacture Cold Press Rice Bran Machine price
Lesotho Manufacture Cold Press Rice Bran Machine supplier

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