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For economic reasons it is increasingly popular to start a sunflower oil plant for sunflower oil processing to make cheap sunflower seeds into more valuable and healthy sunflower oils. The sunflower is a distinctive, flowering plant (Helianthus annuus L.), the seeds of which contain a valuable edible oil that contains more Vitamin E than any other vegetable oil. Most sunflower oil is used in food products. The seeds of confection varieties of sunflowers are also sold for human consumption and birdseed.

Some smaller plants are only press-plants and do not apply the step of hexane extraction. This results in higher oil content in the meal. Below are the steps of sunflower oil processing.

*Seed preparation and cleaning

*Grading the seeds into large, medium and small sizes

*Seeds to be marketed as in-shell are bagged

*Seeds to be sold as kernel are hulled and then bagged


There types of sunflower oil available are mid-oleic linoleic and high oleic sunflower oil. All are developed with standard breeding techniques. They differ in oleic levels and each one offers unique properties. Sunflower oil that is processed by Our Company meets the needs of consumer and food manufacturers for a healthy and high performance non-transgenic vegetable oil. Hutai Cooking Oil solvent extraction Plant


Scraper conveyor


Sealed screw conveyor


Rocotol extractor


Sealed screw conveyor


DT Desolventizer


Horizontal dryer


Screw conveyor


Bucket elevator




Miscall Oil Tank


Oil pump


Heat exchanger


Wet catcher


Long tube evaporator


Liquid-gas separator


Strriper tower


Crude oil tank


Crude oil pump




Solvent-water separating tank


Solvent storage tank


boilling tank


Hot water pump


Liquid Inlet tank


Water pump


Water pool




Water pump


Absorbing tower




Oil pump


Oil heater


Analytic tower


Oil pump




Solvent pump


Solvent heater

The solvent extraction processing inlcudes four sections: solvent extraction setion; meal desolvetizer; miscella oil distillation section ;solvent recovery setion

solvent extraction: The meal(cake) come from prepressing plant is conveyed to buffer bin by scraper conveyor. The buffer bin can control the meal level automaticaly. So the meal buffer bin play a role as seal which keeps the solvent gas in extractor. The meal is dipped in the solvent( first different concentraction spraying, then fresh solvent spraying ). The dripdry meal enter the meal outlet deivce. Outlet meal is conveyed to DT Desolvetizer. The miscella oil is handle by meal cyclone. Then pumped to miscell oil distillation section.

Meal desolventizer: The meal come from solvent extraction section is conveyed to desolvetizer by scraper converyor. The desolventizer consist of 9-10 layers. 1-3 layers( above) is pre-heating section; 4-6 layers is self-evaporatint section; the 7 layers is evapration by direct steam; 9,10 layers is dryer and cooling setion;The meal is handle from above to bottom( evaporation, dryer,cooling) to the required stadard: residual oil contet is 0.07%; mositure content is 12%; temperature is 40 degree.Then is conveyed to package section.The mixing vapor( solvent,steam,meal fines) enter into Long tube evaporator as heat media. Before that the meal fines is removed by wet catcher. Meal fines is droped into the scraper convey . Then conveyed to meal package section.

Miscella oil distillation: The miscella oil come from solvent extraction section is remove meal fines by cyclone. Then enter into the vertical type( long) miscella tank to do future nature sedimentation. The miscella oil in pumped into first long tube evaporater. Then pumped into second long tube evaporater. After twice distillation and separator. The oil finally pumped into stripping tower. The residual solvent in outlet oil( from stripping tower) is below 0.05%; the temperatrue is 105 degree. This standard oil is sent to heat exchanger to down the temperature. After that is pumped to refining section. The Negative pressure in evaparator and stripping tower is created by steam vacuum pump.

Solvent recovery: The mixing vapor ( solvent,steam) come from desolventizer, first long tube evaporator and second long tube evaporator enter into the condeser to condense. The condesed liquid is sent to watersolvent separating tank. But after that, there is till another little another vapor which is sent to Paraffin Oil recovery system. The solvent from separating tank is pumped to solvent storage tank. The water is pumped to boiling tank to recovery little solovent( maybe have). Then is outlet.

Solvent Extractor The Extractor is the main equipment in a solvent extraction Plant. It is designed in perfect measurements so as to obtain high quality oil and minimum residual oil. The material is transported through the solvent spraying chamber and the speed of transportation can be varied easily. The machine is designed to give sufficient time for penetration and percolation of solvent into the raw material and to view the distribution, view glasses are provided. Desolventiser-Toaster

The material obtained from the extractor has tendency to retain the solvent, and this solvent has to be recovered. The basic principle involved in Desolventiser Toaster is direct and indirect heating to remove all the residual solvent from the material.


Solvent Vapours are formed both in Desolventiser and distillation section and these are to be condensed. Adequate surface has been provided in the Condensor for complete condensation of solvent vapour.

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