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The cages with sterilised fruit bunches are emptied into a bunch hopper that feeds the thresher (bunch stripper) where the fruits are separated from the bunches. Thereafter the loose fruits are conveyed to a digester and then to a screw press. At the press, the palm oil is pressed out of the fruits. The oil goes to the de-sanding and decanting tanks, while cake, also containing the palm nuts, is conveyed to the palm kernel recovery station. maize oil processing machine

Maize oil processing machine Project:

1.Sunflower oil production line first step—–prepress:

1. Cleaning:

In order to obtain high effective cleaning, ensure good work condition and productionstability, high efficient vibration screen was used in the process to separate big and smallimpurity. Suction type Gravity stoner removing machine was applied to remove the shoulder

stone and earth, and magnetic separation equipment without power and exhaust system wereused to remove iron. Dust removing wind net is installed.


Palm kernel was crushed and took advantage of the difference of the specific gravity dividedinto Kernel and Shell.


1.To heat the protein in the cell wall until denaturation and then condensation;to increase the permeability of the cell wall, so that the oil is easy to flow out make small droplets condensed into big drops

3.Reduce the oil viscosity to make it flows easily Cooking inquiry:cooked flakes shoud Born cooked evenly, both inside and outside,its

moisture,tempreture and structural should meet the requirements of making oil

2. Maize oil processing machine Project:2 step—–solvent oil extraction:

It is adapt solvent to steep or leaching the oil materials,to extract out the oil from oil materials and dissolved in solvent,and then get the miscella which contain solvent and oil both after filtration.To heat miscella,and the solvent will be evaporated and solvent-oil sepration,and then get crude oil.The crude oil after refining(hydration,alkali refining,decoloring and more),to become the edible oil which according to national standard.The evaporated solvent could be used circularly after cooling. Maize oil processing machine solvent extraction advantages:

1.High oil yield,and the residual oil is less than 1%.

2.High quality cake.Solvent has a stong ablity to extract oil,so that it can get oil without heating completely to use solvent extraction method,and protect rich of soluble protein in water,and the cake could be used to make vegetable protein.

3.Lower labour strength.

3.Sunflower oil production line third step—-Sunflower oil refining line

The crude oil obtained either from expellers or solvent extraction plant contains impurities, which must be removed to make the oil edible, more palatable and stable against rancidity upon storage. The process of removing these impurities is called refining.

Step 1.Degumming with water to remove the easily hydratable phospholipids and metals.

Step 2.Addition of a small amount of phosphoric or citric acid to convert the remaining non-hydralable phospholipids (Ca, Mg salts) into hydratable phospholipids.

Step 3.Neutralising of the free fatty acids with a slight excess of sodium hydroxide solution, followed by the washing out of soaps and hydrated phospholipids.

Step 4.Bleaching with natural or acid-activated clay minerals to adsorb colouring components and to decompose hydroperoxides.

Step 5.Deodorising to remove volatile components, mainly aldehydes and ketones, with low threshold values for detection by taste or smell. Deodorisation is essentially a steam distillation process carried out at low pressures (2-6 mbar) and elevated temperatures (180-220°C).

Maize oil processing machine adapt to many materials:

Maize oil processing machineplant : advantages:

1,some of our technology adopts Germany standard, and some equipment parts are imported.

2,our stainless steel and carbon steel are all purchased directly from the steel factory.our professional engineer will detect every we can guarantee the quality.

3,all of our welding technicians have the employment certificates.they are good at it.

4,we provide installation and professional training.

5,we supply theservice to our customer,if there is any technology problem,we will transfer it to our customer.

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