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mozambique Rice Bran Oil Solvent extraction in South Africa during the process of Oilseed pretreatment, a series of seed processing equipment are necessary, such as cleaning sieve, crusher, dehuller, flaker, cooker, screw extruder, dryer and oil presses. Some seeds require additional preparation beyond cleaning. Soybeans, for example, are de-hulled, heated, cracked or flaked, and sometimes extruded before entering the press. Equipment used for these types of operations can generally be obtained from most press manufacturers. A producer should identify the oilseeds they need to process in order to determine exactly what equipment will be needed. WorkGroup can always meet your cleaning and pretreatment needs!

All the seed processing equipment are designed to adjust to the different oil seeds and the client exact requirements.we have rich experience of manufacturing and exporting large selection of various seed processing machine and equipment for different using purposes and our clients are very satisfied with our seed processing equipment. We give the best service and we offer the most competitive prices in seed processing filed.

Simple Craft Flow Chart

Pretreatment and Press process:

Cleaning and separating—-steaming—-cooking—-pressing—-filter—-crude oil

Each step purpose: A, Cleaning and separating: Remove the broken rice and other impurities, that can guarantee the oil yield

B, Steaming: In order to soften the crude fibre and conglomerate the protein,break the cell wall,small oil drip can gather into the big oil drip, so that the oi can be easily out. Condition: rotate speed: 40 temperature:80~100°C time:10min moisture:25~30%

C, Cooking: lower the moisture in the rice bran, so that oil can be easily out, Condition: stir constantly.temperature:125°C,time:20~30min,moisture lower to:5~7%. D, Press condition: temperature:80~90°Ctime:3~5min

E, Filter condition: temperature: 70°C

Refining process:

Crude oil—-degumming—-deacidification—-decoloring—-filter—-deodorizing—-fourth grade oil Crude oil—-degumming—-deacidification—-decoloring—-filter—-deodorizing—-dewaxing—-degrease—-first grade oil

Four grades oil Standard

Introduction of Rice Oil Making Craft in Detail

Cleaning and Separating: This process mainly to remove the impurities iron,sand,broken rice and others. If the impurities exist in the rice bran, it will affect the machines operation. And make the crude oil impure,then largely affect the refining process.

The cleaning method mainly includes screen and magnetic separation.


This process namely soften the rice bran,making the bran the rice bran is low oil content and low moisture content, so it has to through steaming to adjust its moisture and temperature to a suitable level, that can increase the rice bran elastic-plastic. break the cell wall and oil easily out when pressing.


This process has the same purpose with steaming, aiming to make the oil out easily, the difference is just lower the moisture to 5~7%,to much water content will affect the oil outing. Pressing:

This is the oil out process, the cooked rice bran will be sent to screw oil press machine through the screw conveyor. After pressing, we can get the crude rice bran oil.


Filter the crude oil with canvas or double layer cloth in the Plate-fram filter, control the temperature to 70°C,then the crude oil will be sent to the refining process.

Refining Plant:

Phosphoric acid alkali clay vacuum → → → Crude oil—- degumming —-deacidification —-decoloring —-deodorizing —-fourth grade oil → → → Oil sediment soapstock Clay residue waste gas

Introduction of the whole process:

A,First send the crude oil into the mix reactor in Pakistanrtain quantity water and acid, after well blended send into the centrifugal separator and then separate the oil sediment.

B,Second send into another mix reactor, adding certain concentration alkali and well neutralization reaction. Separate the soapstock through the centrifugal separator.

C,Now wash the crude oil with light alkali and water, washing out the residual soapstock.

D,Third send the oil into the bleaching tower,well blended in Pakistanrtain quantity clay, under the certain temperature,time,vacuum condition, the clay absorb the colorful substance and other impurities. Then separating the waste clay through the centrifugal separator.

E,At last send the oil into deodorization tower,under the certain temperature and vacuum condition, deodorizing the oil through steam stripping. Then get the fourth grade oil.

Our machines advantages:

1,some of our technology adopts Germany standard, and some equipment parts are imported.

2,our stainless steel and carbon steel are all purchased directly from the steel factory.our professional engineer will detect every we can guarantee the quality. 3,all of our welding technicians have the employment certificates.they are good at it.

4,we provide installation and professional training. 5,we supply theservice to our customer,if there is any technology problem,we will transfer it to our customer.

Professional suggestion:

Kindly please inform us your required daily capacity, quantity, raw material, covering space and related data, so that we can provide you professional equipment information and design proper oil production line for you. we will suggest economical and reasonable production line for you.

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