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oil machine of castor bean oil processing machine

6yl series spiral oil press is mainly composed of 7 major parts of screw axis, press cage, feed mechanism, cake yielding mechanism. transmission system, electric control part and vacuum filter part. All the parts are assembled on the frame and screwed as a whole.

Model 6yl-80

Capacity: 80-150kg/h

Heater: 2KW
Residual oil rate: 6~7%
weight: 630kg

Model 6yl-100

Capacity: 150-250kg/h.

Heater: 3KW
Residual oil rate: 6~7%
weight: 870kg

Model 6yl-120

Capacity: 200-300kg/h

Heater: 3.3KW
Residual oil rate: 6~7%
weight: 1280kg

Model: 6yl-130

Capacity: 250-400kg/h

Heater: 3.3KW
Residual oil rate: 6~7%
weight: 1280kg

Model: 6yl-160

Capacity: 250-400kg/h

Heater: 3.8KW
Residual oil rate: 6~7%
weight: 1420kg

>The Main Features – castor bean oil processing machine

a.Simple design, easy to operate, wide suitability.
b.Continuous operation, high productivity.
c.High oil product ratio.

Solvent extraction

The Solvent extraction -castor bean oil processing machine

1) The material is divided into several independent units on the material bed, which can effectively prevent miscella at all levels from fleeing hither and thither on the material layer and ensure the concentration gradient between several sprays.

2) Immersion area appears in each lattice, which can help achieve better immersion effect.

3) The chain box is supported by track and can prolong the service life of screen deck by not touching it.
4) The towline extractor is driven by world leading double-shaft hydraulic motor, with balance force, reliable operation and less maintenance cost.
5) Specialty suitable for the extraction of high oil and high power materials, and better immersion effect can be expected for ordinary oil plants.




Refining equipment

The refining plant-castor bean oil processing machine

Basing on the traditional oil refining technology, WorkGroup has developed the latest combined packing layer plate deodorization soft tower and the physical and chemical mixed refining technology for crude oil of any quality. Moreover, a series of advanced technology and equipment are used, such as super wet deguming, bleaching earth automatic metering, negative pressure decoloring, high vacuum steam jet deodorization,

deacidification, winterization dewaxing etc. in Mozambique, superior equipment, full-automatic control and excellent economic and technical parameters, our equipment can meet customers’ different refining requirements at home and abroad.



Our company

Our company have set up Mechanical Design and Research institution,oil press machine department ,large-sized complete oil equipment departmentm2International trade departmentm2production departmentm2Our business involve in small-sized oil pressing seriesm2Grain and oil engineering designingm2equipment manufacturing and installingm2 project contractingm2technical service m2new product developmentm2the intensive and deep processing for oil by-products and so on.

Our Company has grown into grain and oil machine production and export base with scientific management method, strives for perfection the manufacturing process, innovative manufacturing idea rapidly, its production and the comprehensive economic indicators lies in the forefront of the same industry line, The products have been sold all over the country and exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as zimbabwe, South Africa, zimbabwe, Ukraine, Nepal, in Ghana and so on .

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