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Our Company in practice, Summed up a set of effective and less investment, quick, easy to use cooking oil refining methods. Physical crush of crude oil through degumming (dephosphorization), dehydration, Remove the harmful substances in the oil (benzopyrene, aflatoxin) to meet the food standards, Widely welcomed by the small oil mill.

By degum pot and decoloring cans and hoist system composition, palm oil squeeze machine on good sale adopts fullstainless steel material, set the foodgrade materials measurement device,automatic temperature control device, adiabatic device and enters the material buffer device,which can realizehair oil degum, take off acid, dry and decoloring function.Refining crude oil : soybean oil, mustard seed oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower seed oil, peanut oil, rice bran oil, safflower seed oil, corn germ oil, camellia seed oil, etc.

Will the filtered virgin oil injection refining machine come unglued cans andwill inject tanktemperature, heating accessories start mixing device, into degum, take offacid refining technology, the dry dehydration after oil with the automatic ascending to decoloring cans,complete the entire oil refining process.

palm oil press

palm oil squeeze machine on good sale

Palm fruit:

Palm oil processing line

Reception station of palm oil squeeze machine

Palm fruit oil mill Reception is used for loading the Fresh fruit bunch (FFB) to the palm fruit cage. It adopts hydraulic control system. According to our experience, some palm oil plants use concrete structure, but it not good for cleaning. Now we adopt steel material, fence structure. Some impurity will drop down to a conveyor, impurity will conveyed to outside, which is easier for cleaning.

Sterilizing station of palm oil squeeze machine

Boiling and sterilizing fresh palm fruit bunches at high temperature( more than 145′). The bunches are airtight in sterilizer. The purpose of this station is to prevent enzymes from breaking down, so that FFA content of the fruit will not increase further. Besides, that also makes the fruits soft and wet, easy to get off bunches and be crashed. for big scale palm plant, we suggest horizontal sterilizer, which deals with large quantity of raw material effectively in short time, but expensive and complex. If you’ve a small mill, an vertical sterilizer is enough. It is economic and easy to operate.

Our sterilizer is produced according to the national safety requirements for pressure vessel.

Threshing station of palm oil squeeze machine

Palm fruit thresher in palm oil plant is used for separate empty fruit bunch and palm fruit.

According the palm oil mill capacity we can design the thresher capacity, usually we have a spare one, in case one of them not work.

Empty fruit bunch from thresher will be conveyed to outside, can be used as fertilizer in palm fruit plantation. Sterilized palm fruit will be convey to next station.

Thresher shaft uses once forging technology .The equipment is stronger and has longer life.

In the threshing station, we adopt steel structure, easy clean, easy operate, easy maintain.

Digester of palm oil squeeze machine

There are rolling blades in the digester, which are driven by one motor on the top of the digester. The blades stir and crash palm fruits. Besides, we will fill the digester with indirect hot steam for heating and cooking. As a result, the fruit peel are broken off; fruit pulp become crashed and soft; fruit kernel is separated from pulp; pulp cell structure is destroyed under high temperature, making the oils and fats easier to get out, yielding much oil.

Press station of palm oil squeeze machine

Pressing station in palm oil plant is include digester and oil presser.

Sterilized palm fruit from thresher conveyed to digester. There are blades in digester, blades will be rolling by motor which is on the top of digester. Palm fruit peel can be crushed by blades, besides we will fill the steam in digester for heating. Palm fruit pulp cell can be destroyed under the high temperature condition, after that we can get higher oil yield.

Clarification station of palm oil squeeze machine

Using Burundi, on promise that guarantee oil quality, we try ourto reduce machine investment and oil loss.In actual production, it has been verified that using new technology can reduce oil loss blow 1.3%.

Crude oil tank of palm oil squeeze machine

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