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oil extraction press machine

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It is a modern and one of the most advanced oil extraction equipment that fixed grid of stainless steel plate extractor. Retained its low power consumption, reliable operation of equipment, long life ,easy maintenance, good benefits leaching effect compared with traditional false bottom and extractor.

  1. 10-Mozambique semi-continuous refining equipment of rice bran oil and high acid value oil (national patent: ZL200910041348.4).
  2. 1-10t/d small scale 1-2 grade oil refinery.
  3. Bangladesh automatical continuous first grade oil refining equipment.
  4. 10-2000t/d complete oil material pretreatment and pre-pressing.
  5. 5-1000t/d complete bio-diesel from vegetable&animal oil & hogwash oil.
  6. 5-20t/d small size energy saving oil extraction equipment.
  7. 20-1000t/d medium/large scale edible oil extraction plant.
  8. 20-1000t/d corn grains oil extraction complete equipment (national patent).

Main equipments Heat exchanger, Gas chromatography, heater, combined-type deodorization tower, fatty acid capture device, cooler, level 4 steam injection pump, heat conduction oil furnace units Daily treatment : 30T, 50T, 80T,100T,150T, 200T, 300T, 450T, 600T, 800T. As your requirement Notice to customer Please kindly inform us your required daily capacity, treated quantity, raw material, covering space and related data.



  1. With auto welding machine for the machine, it can not only greatly improve working efficiency but also guarantee the welding quality.
  2. Specific operating tech to deal with all the bug during the production (free for our customers).
  3. Professional thermometer, pressure gauge and safey explosion-proof valve.
  4. The third generation of heating method which combines the advantages from direct and indirect heating . It is safe for the operation.
  5. It is dangerous to burn exhaust gas (C1 to C4) without any safety measures. but we special design which is hydroseal and gas gun .It is not only guarantee the safety but also can save the fuel.

2.2 Long service life

  1. Material: Q245R/345R special steel plate ,thickness 16 mm.
  2. Welding: Automatic welding machine and experienced welder will guarantee the quality and life of the reactor.
  3. The life of the reactor will be 5-6 years. One of our customers in Phlippines has approved it.

2.3 energy saving

  1. Well sealing for heating system and specific operating tech to heating which can improve the output rate by 5%
  2. The exhaust gas will be recycled for reactor heating, this system will enable you don’t need to add fuel after there is gas vapour generated during the production of tire pyrolysis machine.
  3. The third generation of heating method which combines the advantages from direct and indirect heating. This heating method can save 30%fuel and time for processing.


  1. pump crude oil into refining tank and heat with conduction oil, and the temperature will reach about 70°C-80°C after one hour.
  2. Add acid or alkali to separate according to the acid value. After one hour’s processing and 4-6hours deposit, then convey soap stock to storage tank.
  3. Pump refined oil into decoloring tank. When it is up to 90-110°C after one hour’s heating, add clay into tank for 20min’s processing. Then separate clay and oil with filter.
  4. Put discolored oil into deodorization tank with vacuum pump. Heat and process with steam for odor removal. After filtering, you will get final oil product.

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