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>Palm oil mill machine introduction:

Process flow for palm oil mill machine
Fresh Oil Palm—- Oil Palm Sterilization—- Oil Palm Seed Thresher—- Palm oil press/mill—Crude palm oil and palm kernel

Raw materials receiving section of palm oil mill machine

Raw materials receiving section of palm fruit oil processing machine : Fresh palm fruit bunch will be loaded on a slope. Under the slope, there are some cages to receive the palm fruits.

Palm oil sterilizing plant of palm oil mill machine

The function of palm oil sterilizing plant, known as stewing in high temperature, is to avoid the deterioration of fruit. This section can avoid the increase of palm oil AV by stewing the fruit about 60min with 300kPa steam in a specialized sterilizer. for big scale palm oil mill, we adopt horizontal sterilizer,can produce continued increase the effective.
Palm oil sterilizing plant adopt high quality material,which has the follow characteristics :long service life ,low failure rate, easy maintain, etc.
Palm oil sterilizing plant can be design as customer requirement.Besides the horizontal sterilizer we can also supply vertical sterilizer for our customer.

Palm fruit threshing machine of palm oil mill machine

Palm fruit threshing machine uses strong vibration to make separation of palm fruit from palm bunches. Raw materials after sterilization are sent to bucket elevator through damp car, and elevated into threshing machine. Palm fruit separates from bunches, sent to next section elevator through screw conveyor. Empty bunches through conveyor and charger, are transported to certain place for further treatment by car.

Palm oil crushing machine of palm oil mill machine

Digesting of palm fruit oil processing machine : It is utilizing the digestion which with stirrers. The main function is used for destroying the oil cells of the palm fruits, to guarantee the oil easy to press out.

Palm oil press machine of palm oil mill machine:

1. Small palm oil press mainly used to extrude palm fruit oil
2. Designed and manufactured by our company institute department
3. It good for small scale farm, small palm oil factory, home using,
4. Easy operation, easy move, easy change place
5. Driven by motor or diesel engine
6. Popular in Africa, zimbabwe, America, South America,tanzania,Thiland,cote d’ivoire,South Africa,etc.

Palm oil clarification station of palm oil mill machine:

Palm oil clarification station can extract crude palm oil from sludge. The obtained crude palm oil purity can reach up 90%. The extraction oil contains 45%-55% moisture, sludge and other impurities.
Purification: crude palm oil purification can improve oil purity and remove impurity successfully.
Drying: Continuous Vacuum drier pumps water from crude palm oil. Palm oil moisture can reduces to as low as 0.1%.

>Main Features of palm oil press machine:

1. high oil yeild & low consumption
2. unquie design for each customer
3. Automatic & continuous
4. Less land cost & labor cost

Introduction of palm oil mill machine :

Palm oil refinery process includes 5 sections: degumming, de-acidification, de-colorization, de-odorization and fractionation. Different palm oil refinery plant capacity, the processing technology is different.
In general, batch type palm oil refinery plant is with capacity 1-20TPD; The semi-automatic palm oil refinery plant is suggested with capacity from 20-madagascar; finally continuous palm oil refinery plant is used for capacity above South Africa. Of course, this is just an option, not necessary. Our engineer can help you design whole palm oil refinery plant according to your capacity and requirements.

Work flow of palm oil refinery plant :

Crude palm oil—Degumming—De-acidification—De-colorization —Deodorizing— Fractionation—Refined palm oil
1. Degumming and De-acidification Section: Palm oil degumming and de-acidification section uses washing method to separate soap residual from mixing oil, providing preparation for next step palm oil refinery process.
2. De-colorization Section: Palm oil de-colorization section is mainly used to remove oil pigment, residual soap and metal ions during palm oil milling process.
3. Deodorization Section: Palm oil deodorization section composes of part of crude palm mill processing equipment. It plays important part in improving oil quality after crude palm oil process.
4. Fractionation section: Palm oil fractionation plant devides into 3 parts, crystallazing, crystall growing/maturing, and filtration. After palm oil fractionation plant, palm oil is separated to several parts with different melting points, which can be used in different industrial usages.

Featured advantages of palm oil refinery plant:

Advanced crude palm oil refining equipment configuration and high quality equipment manufacturing
‘Automatic control system
‘Excellent technical and economical indicators
‘Meeting customers’ different palm oil refining requirements at home and abroad
‘The whole line of palm oil refinery processing line including degumming, de-acidification, de-colorization, deodorization, and fractionation.

Pre-Sales Service

Act as a good adviser and assistant of clients; enable them to get rich and generous returns on their investment
(1) Select equipment model;
(2) Design and manufacture products according to clients’ special requirement;
(3) Train technical personnel for clients.

After-Sales Service

Provide considerate services to minimize clients’ worries.
(1) Assist clients to prepare for the first construction scheme;
(2) Install and debug the equipment;
(3) Train the first-line operators on site;
(4) Examine the equipment regularly;
(5)Take initiative to eliminate the troubles rapidly at site;
(6) Distribute the guarantee fittings door-to-door;
(7)provide perfect service;
(8)Provide technical exchanging;
(9)Provide maintenance for big iteLD.Packing & Delivery

containers, wooden package simple packing or according to customer


Company Information

WorkGroup is mainly engaged in engineering research and designing, equipment manufacturing and installation, project contracting, technical services and international trading in palm oil press machine and other kinds edible oil machines. We have a professional senior engineer team, more than 70 experienced installation technicians; We are committed to researching and developing new palm oil processing machine technology for customers

palm oil machine business scope:
0.5-1tph small scale palm fruits processing machine;
1-20tph small scale palm fruits processing machine;
30-120tph small scale palm fruits processing machine;
1-Rwanda palm oil refinery machine;
1-Rwanda palm oil fractionation machine;
palm kernel oil extraction machine;

WorkGroup believe that whatever the field is, quality has always been at the heart of the company’s performance. We treat quality and service as a way of life and hope to serve you in the possible manner on a long term and mutually beneficial basis. If you want to know more information about our sunflower oil plant or any other seed processing plant, please contact us in the following form. Our responsible, experienced sunflower oil processing technical team is always ready to serve and guide you at any time.

All the other oil seeds pre-treatment and oil refining equipment, sheller, cleaning sieve, cooker, filter and others is available at WorkGroup. If you want to know to start a vegetable oil pressing line with oil press machine, please contact us, we will offer you the best plan.

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