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Ultimate Luxury: After a long, taxing day, treat yourself to the finest form of relaxation. A warm bath paired with our Shea Butter Soap will melt away your stress while nourishing your skin. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on what comes next! semi-automatic crude copra oil refining line for cooking oil True edible oil,edible oil mill

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Materials Oil Yield
Main refining proces

(1).P-acid degumming operation of crude oil refinery

Drawing the filtered or settled crude oil into the neutral pot, control oil temp 40 ° C, liquid level about 80 % of neutral pot volume.Add into the neutral pot P-acid with 85% concentration, 0.1-0.2% oil weight.Start up neutral pot, make main shalf stirring at 60-70 r/min, finish de-gumming in 30 min.

(2)alkali de-acid operation of crude oil refinery

After finish de-gumming process, at once add into lye carrying alkali refining de-acid, lye concentration 16 ° Be ?¢2, super alkali is 0.1-0.3% oil weight, afterfinish adding, continuous stirring 30min, when soap particles accumulated condensing, should reduce stirring speed, 30r/min avoid emulsion. After adding alkali, gradually rising temp to the end temp 65 ° C, the rising temp speed should be 1 degree per minute. Shut off neutral pot drive part, the oil settled in the pot 6-8 hours, make oil separate from soap.

(3).De-watering of crude oil refinery

Starting vacuum, open the vacuum valve, make the pot inside vacuum above 750mmHg, inhale the clear oil after water rinse into the de-color pot. Start up de-color pot main axis, stirring at 30r/min, and make the pot inside oil temp reach 90 – 95 ° C, carrying vacuum dry hydrate.after 30 min, no frog in the pot, indicate that the dehydrate finished. (4).de-coloring of crude oil refinery

After dehydrate, inhale 3-5% oil weight active clay into the de-color pot to carry absorb de-coloring. De-color pot main axis stirring speed 60r/min, time 20 min, vacuum degree 750mmHg, is the whole absorb de-color craft

process requirement. Shut off vacuum valve, open vacuum break valve, stirring non-stop, decreasing the oil temp to 70 ° C.Continuous stirring, open oil outlet valve, press the de-color oil into the press filter, filter away waste clay, the last use air compressor blow clean and dry.

(5).De-odor operation of crude oil refinery

Open the vacuum valve, make the pot inside vacuum degree gradually reach above 750mmHg.

Inhale the de-color oil after filter into the deodor pot, see to that oil amount should cover the pot volume 60%.Control oil temp at 240 ° C – 260 ° C, use thedirect steam under 0.1 -0.3Mpa to distillate 3-4 hours.

Shut off steam&heat source, when the oil temp belows 80 ° C, shut off vacuum, release deodor oil. Until now, the product oil after de-odor is high cooking oil, there are somefactories carrying again one time fine filtering after de-odor to increase the o-il qulity.

Working Process

1. The neutralizing tank is used for acid for acid,alkali refining or rinse

2. The decoloring tank is for bleaching grease

3. The deodorizing tank is sued for deodotization tank

4. The conducting oil furnance provide the heating for production

5. The vacuum pump provide vacumm for bleaching, deodorization which is can reach 755mmkg.

6. The air compressor can dry the bleached clay

7. The air press is for filter clay

8. The stream gererator can gererate stream distillation 9. The quality of die refined oil reached to the standards for edible oil and santitation by neutralization using phosphoric acid, water washing, bleaching and stean refining .

OEM Service

1.Ensure provide complete sets of equipment and accessories timely.

2.Ensure that one-time installation debugging acceptance.

3.To provide high quality material with preferential price.

4.Priority to provide customer our new craftworks and products.

5.Free training technological operator to ensure the trained staff can operation independently.

6.In the installation process,we will appoint an installation supervision staff on the spot.

7.we will offer an experienced project manager, organize a good installation team for the work of field installation debugging.

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Semi-Automatic Technology Crude Copra Oil Refining Line For Cooking Oil
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