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Oilseed pretreatment usually means the working procedures of detaching the impurities out of the oil material to make the oilseeds in thecondition before pressing in order to extract the most oil out. It is the first and most vital step during the whole set of oil mill plant. This is the part where the seeds are procured, cleaned, flaked, and cooked so that the oil extraction process can be carried out in a more efficient manner, so that the final output or the extracted oil is of the highest quality.

During the process of Oilseed pretreatment, a series of seed processing equipment are necessary, such as cleaning sieve, crusher, dehuller, flaker, cooker, screw extruder, dryer and oil presses. Some seeds require additional preparation beyond cleaning. Soybeans, for example, are de-hulled, heated, cracked or flaked, and sometimes extruded before entering the press. Equipment used for these types of operations can generally be obtained from most press manufacturers. A producer should identify the oilseeds they need to process in order to determine exactly what equipment will be needed. WorkGroup can always meet your cleaning and pretreatment needs!

Peanut oil press machine:

Cold pressed peanut oil: the 6 screen above the selection of high-quality peanuts, through to red, the low temperature of 60 Degree cold pressed peanut oil, the production of filtration process. Oil preparation technology introduced in the Nordic countries as the leading technology in the cold pressed 96 years since the advent, has been rapid development in developed countries, because of cold pressing for oil light color, the phospholipid content is extremely small, nutritional factors have not been destroyed and high temperature to maximize the preservation of crude oil, without complex refining, only physical filtration is edible, known as “green oil.” rice bran oil, olive oil, camellia oil, flax seed oil, walnut oil etc.

all the high-end oil by cold pressing method to produce cold pressed peanut oil is at the starting stage in, from the oil extraction technology development and consumer health concepts, the cold pressing process will become dominant in the future. China oil edible vegetable oil The extraction of two general methods by pressing and leaching method. the use of oil and oil chemical leaching method for separating oil from the chemical raw materials in the oil. Mainly use the “No. six solvent oil (six light gasoline) materials will be fully” immersion “, then extracted. The high temperature the production method of high oil yield, low cost, but due to the chemical solvent in the production process (six light gasoline) pollution, oil itself is solvent residue.

[method] physical expression is divided into two types: (1): hot pressing hot cooking oil producing process, press belt leather at first to get the raw material into the pot and stir fried, and then through the oil machine oil, technological advantages such a high rate of oil is oil, residual oil and the remaining low. But the disadvantage is hot pressed after the raw material after the high-temperature processing, reduce the material itself biological activity. (2) cold pressing It is to reduce the high temperature heating process by mechanical pressure large separated oil from raw materials, refined. It combines the technology of modern high-tech filtration purification, the entire production process has no pollution, no destruction of natural nutrition products, less steamed, fried, and so increase the leaching out the rate of oil process, to a greater extent to retain the original biological activity. Comparison of peanut oil production process: 1 “traditional physical crushing process”: peanuts, mixed class cleaning eliminating impurity, crushing, steaming and frying, squeezing, crude oil, refined oil, refining and feed grade peanut 2 “cold pressing process: 6 sieve over the selected high quality peanut, peanuts peeling, removing impurities, cleaning, conditioning, cold pressing, cold pressed crude oil, coarse filtration, filtration, cleaning quality cold oil pressing, crushing, peanut, peanut cake quality Protein powder cold pressed peanut oil.

Health advantages: 1, no heat denaturation of protein 2, no solvent residue 3, natural antioxidative components containing 4, no aflatoxin 5, does not contain derived from genetically modified organisLD (GMOs) component 6, does not contain the cholesterol content 7, does not contain the chemicals and preservatives in 8, does not destroy the nutrient composition of peanut 9, a high smoke point, smoke less.


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Small Peanut Butter Making Machine/Price For Extracting Oil From Peanut price
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