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Soyabean cake Solvent extraction with distillation equipmentThe material of drum doby, drum cover and valve is high strength stainless steel, the Moc of other parts are all high quality, anti-corrosion SS304, the separator shell employ SS304.

Drive structure support use SKF bearing, by employing optimal design to reduce the height of the drum’s center of gravity. It can effectively lower the vibrational level of the whole separator, improve the reliability of the equipment and increase the stability of the separator.

In the dismounting and maintenance, the parts of drum can be hoisted integrally, thus make the dismounting of main lock ring more convenient, saving both time and labor, easy to install the drum.

The separator runs supercurrent, it will send warning signals and be stoped if the machine overload, to make the separator runs safely.

The separator has a less vibration and more stability through price dynamic balance of the drum.

The separator adopts separation factor technology. It can separate product that is hard to separate, meanwhile, the machine has light volume and use the small volume to get big capacity and high separation efficiency.

The separator adopts advance belt drive, improving the reliability and maintainability of the separator, and decreasing cost of spare parts.

The vegetable oil sunflower oil refined soybean oil filling machine is suitable for filling edible oil,olive oil,motor oil,lubricant,gear oil,engine oil,all kinds of flowing liquid and so on.the vegetable oil sunflower oil refined soybean oil filling machine can fill different shapes of bottle such as round,flat,square,etc.

Soybean cake Solvent extraction with distillation equipment

Process Features OfRotocel Extractor:

1. Adopt stainless steel fied grid plate and increase the horizontal grid plates, which can prevent the strong miscella from flowing back to the blanking case, so as to ensure good extractor effect;

2. The rotocel extractor is driven by rack, with unique rotor of balanced design, low rotating speed, low power, smooth operation, no noise and quite low maintenance cost;

3. The feeding system can adjust the rotating speed of airlock and main engine according to the feeding quantity and maintain a certain material level, which is beneficial to the micro negative pressure inside the extractor and reduce the solvent leakage.

4. The advanced miscella circulation process is designed to reduce the fresh solvent inputs, reduce the residual oil in meal, improve the miscella concentration and save energy by reducing the evaporation capacity.

5. The high material layer of the extractor helps to form immersion extractor, reduce the meal quality in miscella, improve the quality of crude oil and reduce the evaporation system scaling.

6. Specially suitable for the extractor of various pre-pressed meals.

Main Economic And Technical Parameters Of Soyabean Cake Solvent extractor With Distillation Equipment :

Capacity 300T/D
Residual oil in meal 1% (soybean)
Solvent consumption 2Kg/T (No.6 solvent oil)
Crude oil moisture and volatile matter 0.30%
Power consumption 15KWh/T
Steam consumption 280KG/T (0.8MPa)
Finished meal moisture 13% (adjustable)
Residual solvent in finished meal 300PPM(qualifieddetonated eperiment)

Towline extractor of Soyabean Cake Solvent extraction With Distillation Equipment : towline extractor Advantages:

1) The material is divided into several independent units on the material bed, which can effectively prevent miscella at all levels from fleeing hither and thither on the material layer and ensure the concentration gradient between several sprays.

2) Immersion area appears in each lattice, which can help achieve better immersion effect.

3) The chain bo is supported by track and can prolong the service life of screen deck by not touching it.

4) The towline extractor is driven by world leading double-shaft hydraulic motor, with balance force, reliable operation and less maintenance cost.

5) Specialty suitable for the extraction of high oil and high power materials, and better immersion effect can be epected for ordinary oil plants.

Main Economic And Technical Parameters Of Towline Extractor (take 500T/D as an eample):

Steam consumption 280kg/t (soybean)
Power consumption installed capacity 320KW
Solvent consumption 4kg/t (No.6 solvent)
Residual oil in meal 1.0%
Moisture in meal 12~13% (adjustable)
Solvent in meal 500ppm
Urase activity 0.05-0.25 (soybean meal)
Total volatile matter 0.3%
Residual solvent 300ppm
Mechanical impurities 0.2%

Company Information

Company Information


WorkGroup is a large-sized joint-equity enterprise which specialize in producting edible oil mechanical equipment andit is aslo a group enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing,sales as one.Our products are exported to more than 30 countries,and regions such as zimbabwe, South Africa, South Afica, Ukraine, Nepal, in Ghana and so on.


1. WorkGroup grain and oil machine company is the manufacturer, the equipment is cost-effective.

I visit the WorkGroup factory many times before I buy their machine, they have a big factory, they can produce the pre-treatment equipment, Solvent extraction equipment and refining equipment independently. Because they are manufacturer, the price is reasonable. I belive we will have a new cooperation in the near future.

2. WorkGroup grain and oil machine company’s have good technology team and service team.

My factory has just completed construction. Their engineers have a wealth of experience in installation. They guide installation during installation time and very responsible. After we finish the installation, they were debugged. The quality of finished oil is very good. I think they aremanufacturer.


Why choose WorkGroup?

1.Our company has been set up since 1982, It has been awarded the “The quality-star enterprise of China”

2.Our factoru is also a group enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing, sales as one.

3.We have cooperated with Research Institute of Machine Design Company,University of technology school-enterprise cooperation in the oil equipment to carry out long-term, protein etraction, phospholipid etraction, etc. R & D and application of new technologies.

4.We have more than 200 employees ,among them ,there are 20 engineering technical personnel who hold intermediate and senior professional titles, and two highly reputed professors.

5.We have eported our machines to Moscow, Romania, zimbabwe, South Africa,, in Ghana, in Ghana, South Africa, tanzania, pakistan, and so on. Our new customers can visit our demo machines in different countries.

What can we supply to our customers?

1.Oil seed press:6YY Korea hydraulic sesame oil press, 6yl screw oil press and 6YT-5T oil press unit.

2.Small top-grade cooking oil press unit, 1t-5t treated daily.

3.Oil seed pretreatment: prepress unit, 10t-2000t treated daily.
4.Oil seed etraction: 5t-1000t cake treated daily, adopting solvent(heane) etraction.

5.Top-grade cooking oil and salad oil press unit, 5t-500t treated daily.
6.First class oil refining unit: 5t-1000t crude oil treated daily. Our CE Certification:

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