Palm Oil Production Line

The complete set of palm oil production line includes three main sections: palm oil pressing plant, crude palm oil refining plant and refined palm oil fractionation plant. Generally, large scale palm oil production line owns the three sections. Small scale and medium palm oil production line can choose the pressing plant or the pressing and refining plant together. The following is the detailed introduction.

The palm oil pressing plant in palm oil production line includes 7 machine, including sterilizer, palm fruit threshing machine, digester, palm oil pressers, clarification machine and dryer. The following is the detailed palm oil pressing process.

Step 1 Sterilization station: Put the fresh palm fruit bunches into sterilization tank. The function of palm fruit sterilization: on the one hand, sterilization can prevent the content of free fatty acids (FFA) from increasing and prevent prevent rancidity. On the other hand, the sterilization makes palm fruit threshing process easier.

Step 2 Threshing station: put the palm fruit into palm fruit threshing machine in order to separate palm fruit from palm bunches.

Step 3 Digesting station: The part is to separate the flesh from kernel and crush the flesh of the palm fruit.

Step 4 Pressing station: The mashed palm fruit is transported to palm oil pressers and though the mechanical extrusion, the crude palm oil is obtained.

Step 5 Oil clarification : The part is to clarify and filter the crude oil from pressing by clarification tank, vibrating screen and plate filter. So we can get the better and cleaner palm oil.

Step 6 vacuum drying : The part is to put the palm oil into the vacuum drying system to evaporate the water in the crude palm oil.

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