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Widely used palm oil extraction machine /palm oil mill machine

This article is aimed to give a brief description of palm oil extraction machine (how palm oil is extracted). Palm oil is an edible oil, derived from the flesh of palm fruit. In the unprocessed form it has a bright red color and is solid.Below you may find steps of palm oil extraction machine, which palm fruits can be produced into palm oil.

Harvesting of palm oil extraction machine: The oil palm tree produces fresh palm fruit bunches all year round, but there are periods of high and low productivity. The majority of the oil is formed in the last two weeks of this process and a correct judgment of the ripeness is essential to assure a good production. The palm fruit bunch is removed from the plant by hand with the aid of harvesting tools (sacho and scythe).

The main extraction steps of palm oil extraction machine:

Sterilization of palm oil extraction machine: The bunches are cooked with live steam for 90→120 minutes. Sterilization objectives are: Lipase enzyme inactivation, making fruits easily release from bunches, making fruits softer, making nut/pulp separation easier, and coagulation of proteins.

Threshing of palm oil extraction machine: After bunches are cooked they are fed to the thresher which is a drum with holes in the side where bunches are centrifuged to separate the fruits. The bunch waste is incinerated and the ash, a rich source of potassium, is used in a compost.
Digestion of palm oil extraction machine: Digestion is the process of releasing the palm oil in the fruit through the breaking down of oil-bearing cells. Fruits are lifted by a cup elevator to the top of the digester vessel. This vessel contains a live steam heating system and agitator shafts. The main aim during digestion is to break oily cells, in order to make oil extraction easier. This process takes 30 minutes at 90→100 oC.
Pressing of palm oil extraction machine: Pressing is made just after the material leaves the digestion vessels and it produces a slurry made of approximately 53% oil, 40% water and 7% solids and also a cake that consists of fiber and nuts. Method of pressing could be dry or wet. Dry method is oriented on squeezing the oil out of the mixture of oil, moisture, fibre and nuts by applying mechanical pressure on the digested mash. Wet method uses hot water to leach out the oil.
Clarification, Purification, and Packaging of palm oil extraction machine: This step consists of separation of oil from impurities (water and fine solids) made in settling tanks and three phase decanters. Recovered oil is then purified in plate centrifuges and dried under vacuum. Finally, the Extra Virgin Palm Oil is filtered to remove any remaining particulate matter and packaged in druLD.

Oil Extraction Losses: Empty bunches and solids from clarification are used as organic fertilizers on certified organic plantation. Fibers still have around 7% oil and shells are used in the boilers as fuel. As a result, all extraction mills are able to generate their own electricity by steam turbines.

Packaging & Shipping

containers, wooden package and simple package for palm oil extraction machine or according to customer

our services

1.Payment terLD: 30%T/T deposit in advance, the balance 70% shall be paid before delivery;

2.Package: The whole machine will be packed in Containers;

3.Delivery time: 40-60 working Days since the date of receiving deposit;

4.Installation&after- selling service: we will appoint 2-3 engineers to your(the buyer) country to conduct the installation. It contain the installation, commissioning and debugging until the machine running smoothly. Our engineers will also free training your workers to operate the machine;

5.Buyer should pay all the visa charge, round-trip air ticket charge, board and loading, and salaryUSD100.00 per engineer per day;

6. Warranty period: one year. In the warranty period, all because of the quality of products has caused the damage or failure of equipment, suppliers will take the responsibility for the free repair and replacing spare part. After this period, also will offer support to our customer, such as technology conduct, consult and repair service and so on.

Company Information

Group have the whole line of oilseeds pretreatment and pressing plant, solvent extraction line and oil refinery plant.

The processing capacity is as below:

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20-2000 T/D Automatic and complete rotocel extractor and loop type extractor

2-1000 T/D Animal fat, oil fat, used cooking oil/PAD/PFAD to biodiesel production line

Group has more than 40 years experience on oil machine, turnkey project service will be provided to customers.

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Widely used palm oil extraction machine /palm oil mill machine

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Widely Used Palm Oil Extraction Machine /Palm Oil Mill Machine
Widely Used Palm Oil Extraction Machine /Palm Oil Mill Machine price
Widely Used Palm Oil Extraction Machine /Palm Oil Mill Machine supplier

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